What Does Out of Phase Mean – Audio Phase Explained

What does out out of phase mean? Have you experienced sounds that go missing while listening in mono. In this video we discuss audio phase and why it’s important to understand what this means to your music. Audio phase problems can occur while recording and mixing so it’s very important to pay attention to phase in your mix. Tips and tools that you can use to check for phase problems in your mix are discussed so you can ensure that you do not have audio phase issues.


0:00​ Start
00:38​ What Is Audio Phase?
01:47​ While Recording
01:56​ Improper Speaker Wiring
02:11​ Plug-Ins, Effects and Layering
02:26​ Audio Phase Explained
04:09​ Phase Correlation Meter
04:59​ Phase Meter
05:50​ Phase Flipper
06:12​ Microphone 3 to 1 Placement Rule
06:29​ Flip to Mono
06:52​ Split Stereo and Flip Phase
07:20​ Phase Correction Tool


  1. What is Audio Phase? We give you a definition of the term and how it can occur.
  2. Tools that you can use to prevent audio phase issues from happening in your mix.
  3. How you can use some of our top tips to avoiding audio phase issues.

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