Check My Mix In Mono – Mono Sound vs Stereo

Do you ever check your mix in mono? This is one of the best approaches to getting things sitting to sit right in the mix is by hitting that mono button.  If your mix sounds wonderful in mono, when you turn off that mono button and go back to stereo it’s going to sound amazing.

Don’t believe me? Give this one a shot. When I first started doing this I would forget that I even turned the mono button on on the master and when I would realize I was amazed at the stereo imaging. It was insane to me that things could sound so wide and perfectly balanced across the stereo spectrum when mixing in mono. What you’re looking for is to balance all of the instruments in mono.

Essentially mixing in mono is like mixing with one speaker. Lots of systems are mono including club systems, some mobile phones, bluetooth speakers and more.  Plus you’ve checked to make sure there are no phase issues in your mix.  When hitting the mono button you are summing both Left and Right signals together,  and each speaker is giving you the same sound. Your overall goal is to get everything balanced and in place and if you can do that while in mono it’s going to sound that much better in stereo. You can add EQ and compression just as if you were mixing in stereo just do not forget to turn off the mono button once you’re ready to export your track!


0:00 Start
00:36 Mixing in Mono
01:02 Mono Sound vs Stereo
01:33 Volume and Panning in Mono
03:33 Flip Back to Stereo
04:14 Mixing in Mono Explained


  1. Mixing in Mono – Mixing in mono explained
  2. Mono Sound vs Stereo – Differences between mono and stereo sound
  3. Volume and Panning in Mono – What you can do while mixing and mono and what I honestly look for.
  4. Flip Back to Stereo – Make sure you flip back to stereo before you export your track.
  5. Mixing in Mono Explained – Final details about mixing in mono.

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