Free Sample

All first time clients are eligible to receive one free stereo mastered sample. To receive a free stereo mastered sample please follow these instructions. You’ll be asked to upload your files on the next page after you fill out our online form. For singles please send the single as instructed below. For albums feel free to send us the whole album as instructed below, but we will only send back a free sample for one track

Step 1 – Prep Your Files:

  • All files must be either WAV or AIFF file format. No MP3s.
  • All files must be in at least 44.1 kHz [higher is acceptable] sample rate, and at least 16 bit [24 bit or higher preferred].
  • All files must have at least -6db of headroom.
  • When all the files are ready to be sent, please compress the files into 1 folder

Step 2 – Fill Out the Form

Step 3 – Upload Your Files – You will be directed to the upload page after filling out the form below.