What Is Mastering?
Mastering is the final stage in the music production process. Think of it like the final polish and sheen on your music. The complete process involves critical listening in an acoustically tuned environment and then making the proper decisions and adjusting to improve, re-balance, correct issues, and edit music to its highest potential. A mastering engineer will use standard tools in a very professional way including equalizers, and compressors, and enhance the details, bring out the brilliance, and make your mix sparkle.

If your final mixes we’re recording in several different locations with different engineers mastering can help balance all of the tracks to sound cohesive and flow together. Human mastering is the best mastering and cannot be replaced with A.I. or home studio mastering.

How Much Does It Cost?
Mastering probably costs much less than you think. We offer first-time clients a free stereo-mastered sample. Get your stereo-mastered sample and you can hear what your music will sound like professionally mastered. If you like the sample we can chat about our mastering services. We look to build long time relationships with our clients.

Why Use a Professional Mastering Engineer
A professional mastering engineer is much more experienced than anyone working in a home studio trying to “do it yourself.” Professional mastering engineers are trained experts in critical listening and can quickly and definitively make the proper decisions to bring your music to its fullest potential.

Can I Self-Master My Music?
Sure, you can try. But nothing will compare to professionally trained ears working in an acoustically tuned environment. Even though there are mastering in-the-box plug-ins available people often forget that mastering is more about precision and knowledge than guesswork.

How Do I Prepare My Music for Mastering?
We have some videos that show you how to prepare your music for mixing and mastering on our YouTube channel.

Do You Offer Mastering for Vinyl?
Yes, we can master for vinyl but we do not cut lacquers.

Do You Offer Apple Digital Masters?
Yes, we are an Apple Digital Masters certified mastering studio.

What Formats Do You Accept?
We accept WAV or AIFF only. We will not master MP3s. Do not dither, up sample, or down sample your music. Keep your music in the same resolution you started your session in. If you have questions about other formats inquire with us and we can chat about your project.