Audio Mixing

What is Audio Mixing?

Audio mixing services come into play after the recording process. This process involves combining multiple sounds together to make all parts sound cohesive and tonally balanced. The ultimate goal of audio mixing is to create the best possible version of your multi-track recording.

During this phase, we will adjust the frequency content of your files, add effects, and modify the spatial position. This will tailor each sound so all instruments have a space in the final balanced mix.

The first step after the we receive the files is essential preparation and cleanup. Once the engineer has a solid understanding of the song and their distinct vision, the mix usually begins. The mix can take on many forms during this process, and can be quite tedious. After the job has been completed and approved by the client, the mixing engineer prepares the files for the final step, stereo mastering or stem mastering.

We’d love to help make your music sound distinct! We provide you with a simple, stress-free experience so that you can focus on doing what you do best. 

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