Vinyl Mastering

Vinyl mastering is the process of creating a separate master specifically catered toward the cutting of vinyl records in order to avoid unwanted distortion and skipping of the needle. Per client request, Distinct Mastering engineers can provide a separate master for vinyl.

When submitting music for vinyl production, it is essential that it has been mastered for the appropriate medium. With this process, there are many considerations that must be taken into account during mastering. Our mastering engineer is experienced with the requirements and process that should be used for the best sounding results.

The problem with utilizing a digital master for vinyl is that you may have unwanted effects in your music, which might interfere with the playback of the vinyl record. It is essential to adhere to the physical limitations of the vinyl as well. Distinct Mastering will prepare your music accordingly for vinyl in order to avoid unwanted distortion, needle skipping, dynamic range issues, and overall an unpleasant listening experience for the listener. Physical limitations, such as length of time per side of the record need to be adhered to as well.

We can provide a DDP file for your record manufacturing plant. The last thing you want is the vinyl cutter to alter the digital master to be acceptable for vinyl, so it’s best to make a master that caters to both vinyl and digital, or just make separate versions of the master.

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