Distinct Mastering offers a full-range of quality services that are specifically designed to make your final master exceed even the highest standards.

Before we begin mastering we will personally work with you to make sure your final mix is ready for mastering. Once we get the final mix ready we can begin mastering your music. We specialize in electronic and dance music but have worked with all genres of music. We are excited to hear from you, once we receive your files we can start talking about your project. Ready to start mastering?

Audio Mixing and Mastering Services

  • Stereo Mastering and Stem Mastering
  • DDP Image, ISRC
  • Formatting for Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud & Tidal
  • Album Sequencing
  • EQ, Compression, Transitions and Fades
  • Stereo Imaging
  • Limiting
  • High Quality WAV, AIFF and MP3 formats
  • Mastering to Vinyl

What We Promise

  • Loudness Without Squashing
  • Preserve Dynamics
  • Punchiness Without Pumping
  • Clarity Without Harshness
  • Warmth Without Dullness
  • Pristine Without Dirtiness
  • We Make It Sound Distinct!

The Environment We Master In

When it comes to the equipment, we only use the best to bring your music to life. All of our equipment cables we utilize are custom Mogami for clear signal pass-through. The room that we use is acoustically treated and tuned by Auralex Acoustics to ensure perfection when mixing your music. 

We’d love to help make your music sound distinct!


You’ve worked to make the music just right. Now follow through with the all-important final step. Distinct Mastering offers a full-range of quality services that are specifically designed to make your final master exceed even the highest standards.

As a 20-year veteran DJ and producer, one who has topped the Billboard Dance Club charts twice, Distinct Mastering owner and Sleeping Giant Music president Freddie Harb understands the importance of fidelity and professionalism when selling your music. And these days, it’s so much more than making sure your final master “sounds good.”

Are you mastering for iTunes? Interested in a stem mix master? Do you need to ensure your music will stream seamlessly across all platforms? Unsure how to embed metadata or ISRC codes onto audio files? Distinct Mastering can help.

We’d love to help you make your music sound distinct!


Mastering is the final stage of audio post-production.

The purpose of mastering is to balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix or album and optimize the playback across all sound systems and media formats.

Think of mastering as the final “icing on the cake” that glues everything together and provides the final polish needed to compete with other tracks on the market.

Listen in to before and after samples and get in touch today to get your project professionally mastered.

Before and After Mastering Samples

40 second Before/After Comparison. 10 Seconds Before / 10 Seconds After

***Please listen on high quality speakers or a set of headphones for the best result***

We’d love to help make your music sound distinct! Contact us today and we can get started on your project immediately.


We love to take a tune to the next level and would love to work with you. Our number one goal: Make It Sound Distinct!

Send us your files and we can start your project immediately.

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