Stem Mastering

Unlike stereo mastering, the process of stem mastering involves processing the final mix as five to ten stems. This gives the mastering engineer more control of each individual grouping or stem. For example, most people typically send: drums, bass, instruments, vocals and effects. Some more stems can be broken out for more control, like kick drums, individual bass sounds, toms and fills.

You’ll want to make sure that the mix is intact when exporting your stems. The benefit of using this enhanced service is that you will end up with a better processed and balanced end result. The costs can be higher, and delivery of files is more difficult since there will be more files to deal with per song. However, the benefits that come with stem mastering might be worth it. 

Stem mastering does not try to alter the mix too much, as it has been mixed by the mixing engineer. If you prefer to have the mastering engineer help with a Stem Mix and Master, please request that on your inquiry.

We’d love to help make your music sound distinct! We provide you with a simple, stress-free experience so that you can focus on doing what you do best. We offer mastering to vinyl and Apple Digital Masters as well, please let us know when placing your order if you’re interested in either of these services.

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