Music Production

Our passion for music here at Distinct Mastering is strong, and we are committed to help you build a track exactly the way you envision it. There is no substitute for quality nowadays, and that is why we’re dedicated to producing a distinct, superior experience. We not only specialize in custom music production, we can also help in terms of advising and consulting on music production. 

We’re confident with our years of experience that we will be able to meet your standards and allow for your project stand out. All we need from you is your vision, and we handle the rest. 

If you’re looking to release your music, but don’t know how to deal with the software or have a professional studio, you have come to the right place. Let us build a custom-made track that exceeds all of your expectations.

Not only do we excel in custom music production, we can also take your visual content to the next level. We are able to take care of all your music bed needs whether it’s for a commercial trailer or your next hit. All custom productions typically include audio mixing and stereo mastering. We offer mastering to vinyl and Apple Digital Masters as well, please let us know when placing your order if you’re interested in either of these services.

Here’s an example of some work we did with Stance Socks, Topps Trading Cards and Major League Baseball. All music and sound effects were placed, the video was provided with no sound.

Contact us today, and see how we can improve your sound.

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