How To Make Radio Edits for Spotify

How To Make Radio Edits for Spotify

Looking for an easy way to make radio edits for Spotify and cut downs of your songs after you’ve produced them? I was explaining this to a friend recently and I have a short cut for you. I used to do this the hard way and make a whole other session but if I needed to go back and make changes then I was having to either redo my work or do the work in both sessions (or as many sessions as I had!). Look at this easy tip to speed you up!

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Cymatics Lotus Plugin Overview

Cymatics Lotus Plugin Overview

The team over at Cymatics was kind enough to send over their new plugin Lotus to me before it was released so I wanted to share it with you. It is a pitch shifter and delay unit and it is very unique. Since they were gracious enough to send it to me I wanted to do a video on it and share it with you. It’s a pretty wacky plugin and you can get some cool effects out of it. 

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What Is Bounce Boss – Bounce Boss Review

What Is Bounce Boss - Bounce Boss Review

Some of my clients are getting a bit confused at my new upload form on my website. I’m now using an application called Bounce Boss, and its great because it is an intelligent audio collaboration tool, plus it gives everyone the ability to upload different versions like stems, references, final mixes and masters. We can comment and go back and forth about files. I made this video this week to go over how to use it and upload your files to me for mixing and mastering projects.

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6 Common New Music Producer Mistakes

6 Common New Music Producer Mistakes

This one is for the beginners. I was recently told not to forget about the little guys. So in response I wanted to give six tips that every new producer needs to follow. These tips are basic yet effective. If you’re a new producer and you’re not following or at least trying to apply these techniques into your workflow then you might want to reconsider what you’re doing. Some of them you may have not heard before and thats ok, I guarantee if you start applying these into your workflow your music production will improve vastly. 

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Loudness Deception – How Level Matching Can Help

Loudness Deception - How Level Matching Can Help

Let’s talk about loudness deception. If you didn’t know the human brain tricks you into thinking that something that is louder is actually better. It might not be so you need to be extremely careful. Level matching can help with this. By level matching two sources to one you can control the loudness deception that our brain is doing to us. Level matching is the only way to compare two audio sources and be able to accurately tell the differences. Prevent the deception from happening!

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