Loudness Deception – How Level Matching Can Help

Let’s talk about loudness deception. If you didn’t know the human brain tricks you into thinking that something that is louder is actually better. It might not be so you need to be extremely careful. Level matching can help with this. By level matching two sources to one you can control the loudness deception that our brain is doing to us. Level matching is the only way to compare two audio sources and be able to accurately tell the differences. Prevent the deception from happening!


0:00 Start
00:35 Introduction
00:54 Example of Loudness Deception Preparation
02:10 Example of Loudness Deception
02:51 AB Tools
04:!5 Bounce Boss


  1. Introduction – An introduction explaining loudness deception.
  2. Example of Loudness Deception Preparation – Examples of how I am going to explain loudness deception.
  3. Example of Loudness Deception – Showing examples of this.
  4. AB Tools – A tool you can use to level match.
  5. Bounce Boss – A tool I use with clients where you can level match to compare sources.

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