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If you’re an artist and you want to book more gigs, get repeat shows and create a long-lasting music career then you do not need a booking agent when you’re starting out. Most booking agents won’t work with smaller up-and-coming artists. But the good news is even without a booking agent it’s still possible to make yourself irresistible to music venues and clubs to get paid exactly what you’re worth and to create a long-lasting music career performing in front of hundreds or even thousands of people even if you’re starting out from zero.

SGM University just launched a Tour Guide:. The Strategy Behind Your Bookings. It is a complete blueprint to booking more gigs, commanding higher fees and building a loyal following.


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We are now Apple Digital Masters Certified

Distinct Mastering is now Apple Digital Masters Certified

Exciting news to share! Distinct Mastering is now a certified Apple Digital Masters mastering house. That’s right you can get your music certified with the digital masters certification badge in the Apple ecosystem. Learn about Apple Digital Masters and how they can benefit your music.

Apple has created a specific encoding process which they use to ensure quality files so you’e music can be heard as it was intended. The process for artists requires to work with high quality files and we will test and prep your files for preparation into the Apple ecosystem. You can use our mastering house to get the Apple Digital Masters (previously known as Mastered for iTunes) certification bade. If you’re interested in getting your music mastered for Apple and be certified contact us today!

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