Black Friday 2023 Plugin Deals

As Black Friday approaches, the world of music production is abuzz with exciting deals on plugins and software. Let’s dive straight into the savings offered by some key players in the industry.


1. Universal Audio (00:55):
Universal Audio kicks off the list with tempting discounts on their renowned collection of audio interfaces and plugins. With their Black Friday deals, producers can enhance their setup with premium audio processing tools.

2. Arturia (01:48):
Arturia, a name synonymous with quality virtual instruments, presents a golden opportunity for musicians to expand their instrument palette. Explore discounts on Arturia’s extensive bundle..

3. GForce Software (02:26):
GForce Software joins the Black Friday festivities, offering compelling deals on their innovative music production software. Dive into their unique virtual instruments and effects to elevate your creative process.

4. SoundToys (03:00):
For those seeking distinctive and creative audio effects, SoundToys brings yearly Black Friday discounts that make their acclaimed plugins more accessible.

5. Output (03:15):
Output, known for its groundbreaking virtual instruments and effects, enters the Black Friday scene with noteworthy discounts. Elevate your productions with cutting-edge sounds and inventive tools.

6. Polyverse (03:46):
Polyverse, a trailblazer in vocal processing and manipulation, presents Black Friday deals on their unique plugins. Explore innovative ways to shape and transform your vocal recordings.

7. Waves (04:21):
Waves, a giant in the audio processing realm, offers Black Friday discounts that cater to every producer’s needs. Enhance your mixes with top-tier plugins that Waves is celebrated for.

8. Korg (05:30):
Korg, a stalwart in the music industry, unveils Black Friday specials on their Korg Collection. Seize the opportunity to add legendary Korg gear to your studio.

9. Sonnox (06:08):
Sonnox enters the Black Friday sale with premium discounts on their high-end audio processing plugins. Elevate your mix and mastering endeavors with the exceptional quality that Sonnox is renowned for.

10. XLN Audio (06:44):
XLN Audio, the creators of the addictive Addictive Drums, present Black Friday deals on their virtual instruments and effects. Explore budget-friendly options to enhance your music production toolkit.

11. Reveal Sound (07:57):
Reveal Sound joins the Black Friday wave with discounts on their powerful synth Spire. Elevate your sound design capabilities with their cutting-edge virtual instruments.

12. Black Rooster Audio (08:42):
Black Rooster Audio steps into Black Friday with attractive deals on their analog-modeled plugins. Enhance your audio with the warmth and character that Black Rooster Audio plugins bring.

13. Sonivox (09:18):
Sonivox wraps up the list with Black Friday specials on their virtual instruments and sample libraries. Take advantage of these deals to enrich your music production with high-quality sounds.

As Black Friday unfolds, seize the opportunity to enhance your music production setup with these incredible deals. Each timestamp represents a gateway to a world of discounts and possibilities. Happy shopping!