How to Make Your Own DJ Edits

How To Make DJ Edits

I used to make a ton of DJ edits for club play. I would shorten songs up, re-arrange them and make them better suited for DJs to play and get in and out of songs quickly once the digital DJ era became a big thing. I was already a Pro Tools wizard so it was easy for me to use.

Today I share how you can use some of the amazing editing tools inside Pro Tools to create your own edits. I use a trick that I came up with for this edit as well that I have never done before so check out this video! Learning how to make your own DJ edits has never been so easy.

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Backups and Why They Are Important

Backups and Why They Are Important

In this video, I discuss what backups are and why they are important. If you’re not backing up your data then you could be setting yourself up for a massive data loss.

Losing your music is the worst feeling ever, so if you need an explanation on what backups are and why they are important then make sure to watch this video. I go over different storage mediums you can use to backup your data as well as a program that I use religiously. I explain my process to backing up daily and I can safely say I have never lost my music data (although I have lost some pictures before and I learned NEVER to let that happen again!). Don’t let that be you with your music or your clients music!

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Ableton Live Utility – Ableton Live 11 Tutorial

Ableton Live Utility - Ableton Live 11 Tutorial

In this video I discuss the Ableton Live Utility plug in. This plug in is a very handy tool if you get to know how to use it. I go over some my my advanced tips while using this plug in so if you’re an Ableton user this is not one you want to miss!

Ableton’s Utility does exactly what the name implies. The amount of applications and usability are tremendous, especially if you get creative. You can use it to simply mono your sounds, mono your low end, control width, eliminate a side, flip audio phase, and even automate volume, pan or mutes. Not sure how all this works, then check the video out to learn more!

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