How to Make Your Own DJ Edits

I used to make a ton of DJ edits for club play. I would shorten songs up, re-arrange them and make them better suited for DJs to play and get in and out of songs quickly once the digital DJ era became a big thing. I was already a Pro Tools wizard so it was easy for me to use.

Today I share how you can use some of the amazing editing tools inside Pro Tools to create your own edits. I use a trick that I came up with for this edit as well that I have never done before so check out this video! Learning how to make your own DJ edits has never been so easy.


0:00 Start
00:36 Using Pro Tools
01:30 Tab to Transient
02:02 Using Izotope RX
02:52 Getting Creative with the Editing
03:45 Final Effects and Plugins
04:38 Grid Mode


  1. Using Pro Tools to Edit Existing Music
  2. Great editing tools in Pro Toolsu
  3. Using Izotope RX Tools
  4. Grid Modes and Creative Editing
  5. Final Effects
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