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If you’re an artist and you want to book more gigs, get repeat shows and create a long-lasting music career then you do not need a booking agent when you’re starting out. Most booking agents won’t work with smaller up-and-coming artists. But the good news is even without a booking agent it’s still possible to make yourself irresistible to music venues and clubs to get paid exactly what you’re worth and to create a long-lasting music career performing in front of hundreds or even thousands of people even if you’re starting out from zero.

SGM University just launched a Tour Guide:. The Strategy Behind Your Bookings. It is a complete blueprint to booking more gigs, commanding higher fees and building a loyal following.


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Should You Use Mix Bus EQ?

Mix Bus EQ

This is the third video on the mix bus processing series. In this video, I will share my thoughts about EQ on the mix bus.

EQ manipulates the frequency content of your recordings. It will adjust audio volume so that certain frequencies are emphasized over others and all of the elements of your production work together sonically.  In this video, I  share my opinion on using EQ while mixing on your master bus. I have also shared how I got a lot better mixes while mixing without EQ on the master bus. Let’s discuss it in detail.

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Should You Use Compression on the Mix Bus?

Should You Use Compression

Have you ever asked yourself, should you use compression on the mix bus or is mix bus compression necessary? Then this video is for you.

This is the second video in the mix bus processing series. Last week we discussed using a limiter on your master bus while you’re producing your music. In this video, I will talk about mix bus compression that people usually put right before the limiter on the mix bus.

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