Backups and Why They Are Important

In this video, I discuss what backups are and why they are important. If you’re not backing up your data then you could be setting yourself up for a massive data loss.

Losing your music is the worst feeling ever, so if you need an explanation on what backups are and why they are important then make sure to watch this video. I go over different storage mediums you can use to backup your data as well as a program that I use religiously. I explain my process to backing up daily and I can safely say I have never lost my music data (although I have lost some pictures before and I learned NEVER to let that happen again!). Don’t let that be you with your music or your clients music!

0:00 Start
00:32 What Is a Data Backup
01:12 Facts and Figures
01:33 What Data Should You Backup
01:42 Data Backup Solutions and Backup Storage Options
02:16 Data Backup Guidelines
02:40 How I Backup My Data
03:15 Carbon Copy Cloner


  1. What Are Data Backups and Why Are They Important
  2. Backup Storage Options
  3. What I Use to Backup My Data Religiously

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