What Does A Booking Agent Do Day to Day?

What Does A Booking Agent Do Day to Day?

In this video, I bring in a guest speaker, Troy Gilmore, Vice President of Sleeping Giant Music to talk about what a booking agent does day to day.  A lot of artists are clueless about the duties of the booking agent and often confuse managers and agents. As a result, we wanted to give you an explanation of the duties of a booking agent. For a short synopsis of what agents do day in and day out then be sure to watch this video.

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UAD LA-2A Compressor Plug In Collection Explained

UAD LA-2A Compressor Plug In Collection Explained

In this video, we discuss the Universal Audio LA-2A compressor plug in collection. I go over all of the various units UA has to offer in the bundle and give some examples of what they sound like and their differences.

The LA-2A is on of my favorite compressors and I use it in almost every music production. They are fast, easy to use and intuitive. Although you don’t get much control like a normal compressor they have a distinct color and character t0 them that cannot be replaced.

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Do Not Send Me MP3s – MP3 Explanation

Do Not Send Me MP3s - MP3 Explanation

Please do not send me MP3’s and learn why they are not good for mastering. I often get MP3s sent by clients for free samples and I decided to create this video to share why I will not master MP3s.

MP3s are heavily degraded in quality. First I quickly explain what an MP3 is with a Wikipedia definition. Then I go into what files are acceptable to send to me as an MP3. Lastly, I share how what happens when you convert to an MP3 with phase cancellation.

This is a perfect example of what happens every time you convert to an MP3 so imagine converting multiple times. You only want to convert to an MP3 once after the mastering stage. Check out the video to learn more.

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An Ableton Live DJ Mix Tutorial

Ableton Live DJ Mix Tutorial

In this video, I’m going to show you how I recently did a radio show for Pitch the Tempo using Ableton Live. The mix was planned out and completely mixed in Ableton Live mimicking elements of how I would DJ the music. By doing the show this way I was able to save a ton of time and make the project efficient, while still giving me a high-quality result.

Some might knock this stating it’s not live or its cheating. I’ve done all of it, multi-tracked mixtapes, live mixtapes and this just makes it easier. If you can’t do the mix live then it could be considered cheating. But these days with my busy schedule deadlines need to be met when projects are due. Anything that can help me speed up and make things more efficient is a handy time-saver, so if you’re curious, check out how I used Ableton Live to create this radio show and mimic my DJ playing.

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