An Ableton Live DJ Mix Tutorial

In this video, I’m going to show you how I recently did a radio show for Pitch the Tempo using Ableton Live. The mix was planned out and completely mixed in Ableton Live mimicking elements of how I would DJ the music. By doing the show this way I was able to save a ton of time and make the project efficient, while still giving me a high-quality result.

Some might knock this stating it’s not live or its cheating. I’ve done all of it, multi-tracked mixtapes, live mixtapes and this just makes it easier. If you can’t do the mix live then it could be considered cheating. But these days with my busy schedule deadlines need to be met when projects are due. Anything that can help me speed up and make things more efficient is a handy time-saver, so if you’re curious, check out how I used Ableton Live to create this radio show and mimic my DJ playing.

0:00 Start
00:33 Introduction to the Pitch the Tempo Mix
00:45 Picking the Music
01:00 Warping and Grid
01:14 Using Automation
01:44 Using Fades
02:15 Mixtape with Mastered Tracks
02:52 Adjusting the Tempo


  1. Using Ableton to create a mixtape or radio show
  2. Picking the music for your mix
  3. Ableton’s warp and grid features in relation to mixtapes
  4. Using Automation to create adjustments and precision
  5. Creating Fades to mimic and DJ slowly fading in a track
  6. Making mixes with mastered tracks
  7. Adjusting your mixed tempo
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