UAD LA-2A Compressor Plug In Collection Explained

In this video we discuss the Universal Audio LA-2A compressor plug in collection. I go over all of the various units UA has to offer in the bundle and give some examples of what they sound like and their differences.

The LA-2A is on of my favorite compressors and I use it in almost every music production. They are fast, easy to use and intuitive. Although you don’t get much control like a normal compressor they have a distinct color and character t0 them that cannot be replaced.


0:00 Start
00:36 Introduction
01:06 LA-2A Legacy
01:26 LA-2A Compressor Overview
02:58 LA-2A Silver
03:35 LA-2A Grey
04:01 LA2
04:32 Examples of the LA-2A Compressor


  1. An introduction to the Universal LA-2A plug in collection.
  2. The LA-2A Legacy Description
  3. The LA-2A Overview
  4. The LA-2A Silver Overview
  5. The LA-2A Grey Overview
  6. The LA2
  7. Running examples of each compressor with a vocal

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