How To Make Radio Edits for Spotify

Looking for an easy way to make radio edits for Spotify and cut downs of your songs after you’ve produced them? I was explaining this to a friend recently and I have a short cut for you. I used to do this the hard way and make a whole other session but if I needed to go back and make changes then I was having to either redo my work or do the work in both sessions (or as many sessions as I had!). Look at this easy tip to speed you up!


0:00 Start
00:54 Introduction
01:50 How I Make Radio Versions
03:46 How to Cutdown For Trailers


  1. Introductions – Brief overview of the concept
  2. How I Make Radio Versions – Here I share how I make my radio edits for Spotify or various versions of a song.
  3. How to Cutdown For Trailers – I give another example here and share how you can use Ableton short cuts time length to cut down for trailers.

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