My 6 Tips To Make Synth Presets Sound Better

Did you know that a lot of synth presets are meant to sound good by themselves? Are you a beginner at synthesis and not able to craft sounds from simple oscillator tones. That’s ok, a lot of producers use presets! Presets can save you time and get you close but there’s something that some producers overlook and thats to get the preset to fit into the production. Today I share tips tips to help you take a look at presets from a different perspective. You might find the near perfect sound but it needs a bit of altering! Here’s six things to always check. 


0:00 Start
00:46 Introduction
01:46 Shape Your Sounds
03:02 Check Your Filters
03:37 Check Oscillator Pitch
05:18 Check the Effects
06:22 Check the Layers
08:00 Play with Modulation


  1. Introduction – Brief overview of the concept
  2. Shape Your Sounds – Why shaping sounds is so important.
  3. Check Your Filters – Filters can dramatically change the characteristic of your sound.
  4. Check Oscillator Pitch – Altering the pitch can help get sounds in the proper spot in your production.
  5. Check Oscillator Pitch – I give another example here and share how you can use Ableton short cuts time length to cut down for trailers.
  6. Check the Effects – Making sure effects are muddying up your mix are important.
  7. Play with Modulation – Modulation can add movement.

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