6 Common New Music Producer Mistakes

This one is for the beginners. I was recently told not to forget about the little guys. So in response I wanted to give six tips that every new producer needs to follow. These tips are basic yet effective. If you’re a new producer and you’re not following or at least trying to apply these techniques into your workflow then you might want to reconsider what you’re doing. Some of them you may have not heard before and thats ok, I guarantee if you start applying these into your workflow your music production will improve vastly. 


0:00 Start
00:40 Using Bad Sounds
01:53 Not Understanding The Tools
02:20 Not Having basic Understanding of Music Theory
03:21 Spending Too Much Time On One Song
04:15 Too Many Plug Ins On Tracks
05:14 Not Using Reference Tracks


  1. Using Bad Sounds – An introduction explaining loudness deception.
  2. Not Understanding The Tools – Examples of how I am going to explain loudness deception.
  3. Not Having basic Understanding of Music Theory – Showing examples of this.
  4. Spending Too Much Time On One Song – A tool you can use to level match.
  5. Not Using Reference Tracks – A tool I use with clients where you can level match to compare sources.

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