How To Make An Acapella Out of Any Song Using Phase Cancellation

Have you ever taken a song and the song’s instrumental and used phase cancellation to isolate the vocals? Today we show you how to make an acapella out of any song using phase cancellation.

This trick has been used for many years. This is part one of a series on creating acapellas. It’s not secret that phase cancellation can be used to remove and isolate elements in a mix if you have the equal and opposite. So why not give this one a try for your next remix!


0:00 Start
00:35 Isolating Vocals Using Phase Cancellation
01:50 Inverting Phase to Isolate Vocals
02:55 Outro


  1. How You Can Isolate Vocals Using Phase Cancellation
  2. An example using Pro Tools To Isolate a Vocal from a Song

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