Waves Analog Button – Watch Out!

In this video, we discuss the noise that the Waves Analog button makes. Watch Out! The Waves Analog feature can create unwanted hiss that you might not hear while working on your music productions. But if not taken care of, once we master your tracks this hiss can become very apparent. Sometimes it may be wanted but if it isn’t it’s something you need to be paying attention to. We run into a lot of clients that send us some mixes and somewhere in their signal chains they might have an analog emulation plug-in that creates unwanted to noise. Be sure to take care of that in the mixing stage before going to mastering.

0:00​ Start
00:39​ Pre-Master Example
01:10​ Waves Analog Problem
02:09​ Outro


  1. The premaster example shows you an example of a vinyl tape emulation or something creating a small hiss that prompted me to talk about the Waves Analog Button.
  2. The Waves Analog Button creates a small hiss that can cause an audible analog re-created noise that may be unwanted.

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