Sound Choices Makeup Your Groove – Why Groove Is Important?

This week I give you a more concept based topic on groove and how sound shaping and selections can dictate how your track is grooving. If you pay close attention to these things it can make or break a production. This is more of a concept based video and I share an experience I had with a friend to demonstrate. 


0:00 Start
00:55 Introduction
01:25 What I Advise as a Demonstration
01:52 Sound Choices
02:55 Transient Designer
04:11 Compressors Can Shape Groove
05:25 Focus On the Groove


  1. Introduction – An intro to how this video idea came about.
  2. What I Advise as a Demonstration – Be mindful this is just a demonstration.
  3. Sound Choices – How sound choices can affect the groove of your track.
  4. Transient Designer – How I used a transient designer to shape his track.
  5. Compressors Can Shape Groove – How a compressor can shape your groove.
  6. Focus On the Groove – Make sure you give this special attention in your music productions.

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