Producer vs Engineer vs Mixer

This week I discuss a topic that I had a YouTube comment on so I decided to answer his question. We discuss the differences between a producer, a mixing engineer and a recording engineer. If you work in the industry you may already know this but not everyone understands the fine details. These days in the music industry you can wear many hats! 


0:00 Start
00:39 Recording Engineer
01:47 Mixing Engineer
02:25 Mastering Engineer
03:10 Producers


  1. Recording engineer – Recording engineers are the people who have skills capturing quality recordings.
  2. Mixing Engineer – A mix engineer is the person who is crafting the mix downs after the recordings are made. Mixing is one of the services we offer here at Distinct Mastering.
  3. Mastering Engineers – I mention mastering engineers because music mastering is another service we offer here at Distinct Mastering.
  4. Producers – I discuss the different roles and names producers have had over the years.

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