Get Your Mix to Translate – 5 Reasons Why Volume is Important

Touching back on the subject of why volume is important I go into a bit more detail about how your monitoring levels can affect your perception. I had a comment on the previous video to share screen examples, although I cannot show you what I hear in my studio, I can share information on the equal loudness contour. Interested to learn more? 

0:00 Start
00:45 Introduction
01:35 Less Ear Fatigue
01:53 Volume Imbalances
02:37 Better EQ Accuracy
03:27 Dynamic Processing
03:51 Louder Volumes Can Trick You


  1. Introduction – An introduction to this video and how getting your mix to translate is imperative.
  2. Less Ear Fatigue – How working with lower volumes can extend the period your ears get fatigued.
  3. Volume Imbalances – Why working loud can affect your mix.
  4. Better EQ Accuracy – Keeping the volume down while mixing gives more accurate results.
  5. Dynamic Processing – How dynamics are easier to hear with lower volumes.
  6. Louder Volumes Can Trick You – Don’t get fooled by playing things extremely loud.

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