Best Free Reverb Plugins for Vocals

We’re almost in 2022 and this week I am sharing the best free reverb plugins for vocals! If you’re looking for some budget reverbs there’s some really good ones in here. I personally use a lot of paid reverbs but I was impressed after digging through some of these free options whats out there. Make sure to check out the reverbs I go through a wide variety of brands and plugins in this video.

0:00 Start
00:30 Introduction
01:35 Voxengo OldSkoolVerb
03:09 Tal Reverb 2
04:25 Tal Reverb 4
05:10 Valhalla SuperMassive
06:39 U-He Protoverb
07:55 MeldaProduction MReverb
09:30 Acon Digital Verberate Basic2
10:19 Disco DSP Schroeder
10:57 ChromaDSP Harmonic Reverb
12:29 K Research KR-Reverb FS
13:38 SocaLabs – MVerb2020
14:59 Kushview Roboverb
15:53 Denis Tihanov – OrilRiver


  1. Introduction – An introduction to Apple Digital Masters.
  2. Voxengo OldSkoolVerb – Loved this little unit. Very old-school silky sound.
  3. Tal Reverb 2 – Big fan of Tal plugins so wasn’t mad at this little reverb.
  4. Tal Reverb 4 – Even bigger fan of version 4 of their free reverb.
  5. Valhalla SuperMassive – Valhalla is known for reverbs, and lots of producers use their software.
  6. U-He Protoverb – I’m a huge fan of U-He so this one I was interested to test.
  7. MeldaProduction MReverb – This one was a bit clunky to me and I wasn’t a huge fan of the design.
  8. Acon Digital Verberate Basic2 – Simple one-knob style reverb with a few buttons.
  9. Disco DSP Schroeder – This one had a weird tail in the reverb to me.
  10. ChromaDSP Harmonic Reverb – This was a unique reverb and I have never seen anything like this.
  11. K Research KR-Reverb FS – this interface was small and hard to read for a reverb unit.
  12. SocaLabs – MVerb2020 – Was not too mad at this little reverb.
  13. Kushview Roboverb – This one is a unique one with chamber buttoms but is kind of a luck of the draw reverb.
  14. Denis Tihanov – OrilRiver – This reverb gives you a lot of control and is a great free option.

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