One EQ Trick To Try – EQ Problems

Today I’m going to discuss one EQ trick you might want to try while crafting your next mix down. I find some common problems with client mixes always relate to a certain zone of frequencies and sometimes just doing one EQ move can make all the difference in the world. Did I spark your interest? Check out this weeks video to learn more.


0:00 Start
00:43 Introduction
01:03 What I Did
01:54 Problems With His Acoustics
02:10 What I Recommended


  1. Introduction – Introduction on one EQ trick you should try.
  2. What I Did – What I did in this scenario with an EQ that prompted me to make this video.
  3. Problems with His Acoustics – I was telling my client the mixes always come in with this problem you probably have a room issue.
  4. What I Recommend – How I fixed the problem and what I recommend you might try next time you craft a mix down.

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