How Should You Order Your Plugins?

Today we discuss my thought process on plugin order. While there is no right or wrong way to organize the order of your plugins I typically follow a workflow that some may consider standard. I wanted to give some insight into my though process behind the order I typically follow when using plugins or processing. 

0:00 Start
00:46 Introduction on Plugin Order
01:00 Equalization
02:30 Compression and Dynamics
02:40 Effects and Enhancements
03:15 My Thought Process


  1. Introduction to Plugin Order – Introduction to my thought process on how you should organize your plugins.
  2. Equalization – I typically like to use EQ first to shape my sound.
  3. Compression and Dynamics – I move on to discussing when I use dynamics and compression.
  4. Effects and Enhancements – Lastly I will use any effects and enhancements at the end of the chain.
  5. My Thought Process – My reasoning behind this thought process on how you should order your plugins.

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