Why Volume Is Important In Music Production – Balancing Tracks

Today we’re going to discuss why volume is important in music production. Volume is the main culprit for a lot of problems. Everyone tries to overproduce or put too many effects, too much compression or worse eq things like crazy when in reality they first just need to get the volume right. Getting things to sit right in the mix goes a long way.

0:00 Start
00:39 Volume is Everything
01:06 Get Your Volume Balance Right
01:24 Panning Is Volume
01:48 Mixing Tracks Too Loud vs Mixing Quiet
02:25 Mixing with Texture
02:50 Mixing Tracks too Loud
03:10 Gain Staging
03:44 Analog Re-creations
04:25 Volume in Recording
05:10 What I Learned in Mixing


  1. Volume is Everything – Volume is one of the most important elements to get right.
  2. Get Your Volume Balance Right – Getting this right is key to crafting a solid mix.
  3. Panning Is Volume – Panning is volume as well, learn why.
  4. Mixing Tracks Too Loud vs Mixing Quiet – Learn why mixing tracks too hot can cause problems.
  5. Mixing with Texture – Mixing things as texture can create exciting but secret elements to your mix.
  6. Mixing Tracks too Loud – Mixing tracks too loud will create clipping and distortion.
  7. Gain Staging – Gain staging your tracks and from plugin to plugin or unit to unit is crucial.
  8. Analog Re-creations – Some plugins that are analog recreations like to be fed a nominal operating level.
  9. Volume in Recording – Even in recording volume plays a crucial role.
  10. What I Learned in Mixing – Learn what I’ve learned over my years related to volume.

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