How To Make Your Samples Sound Better – Enhancing Your Vinyl Samples – Part 2

Part 2 in our series on making your vinyl samples better we get more in depth about tricks you can use. Starting off with basic EQ you can do a whole lot to a sample. EQ is one or the main tools. I get into using Restoriation Tools as well, which can also be a handy tactic if you are looking to try to do some clean up. I share ways you can do this as well as give examples.

Lastly I discuss how saturation can help with samples. Stay tuned next week for part 3.


0:00 Start
00:56 EQ
03:01 Restoration
09:53 Saturation


    1. EQ – EQ is one of your best friends, learn how EQ can help with samples.
    2. Restoration – Restoration tools can work wonders especially with older recordings or recordings with issues..
    3. Saturation – Saturation can help take samples to the next level.

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