How To Make Your Samples Sound Better – Enhancing Your Vinyl Samples – Part 3

Part 3 in the series on making your vinyl samples better goes over our last two topics and tricks you can use to enhance your vinyl samples. First I talk about using vinyl emulation to basically make the sample sound “older” per-say. You can get some cool sounds out of vinyl emulation plug ins. 

Another method I share is masking and layering. I layer a few samples over the main sample I’m trying to enhance to give it more depth and another element that might enhance it in some way. The possibilities are endless and you really need to play around.


0:00 Start
00:48 Tape Emulation
03:10 Mask It


    1. Tape Emulation – Ever try making your sample sound like it came from vinyl? Try making your sample older.
    2. Mask It – Masking and layering can be your friend if you’re trying to enhance your samples..

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