How To Make Your Samples Sound Better – Enhancing Your Vinyl Samples – Part 1

Requested by a client of mine, I go in depth about how to make your samples sound better and enhancing vinyl samples for your music productions. Are you sampling records? This might help you make those samples a bit better. You can even use these tricks for samples packs and loops you may purchase or download from sites like Splice, Loopmaster and more.

This is part one in a three part series that discusses ways to get the vinyl clean, how you can use gain staging to your advantage and how you can look at panning to isolate elements.


0:00 Start
00:44 Clean the Vinyl
01:21 Gain Stage the Sample
02:24 Split Into Two


    1. Clean the Vinyl – Cleaning the before sampling vinyl can help remove grit and grime before sampling.
    2. Gain Stage the Sample – While sampling make sure you gain stage properly.
    3. Split Into Two – Panning can be your friend in helping to isolate parts in old recordings.

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