What You Need to Know About Gain Staging

This week we are going to discuss gain staging and why this is the most critical thing you need to pay attention to. I had a big discussion with one of my clients about this so I created this video. The tricky thing is gain staging applies literally everywhere, from recording, to mixing and mastering. I discuss and share examples of how you need to properly gain stage in your DAW and what you need to do before sending your tracks for mastering so your gain staging is proper. 


0:00 Start
00:40 Introduction
01:05 Gain Staging Before You Hit the DAW
02:05 Examples of Gain Staging
03:10 Examples of Gain Staging with No Output or Emulations
05:40 Gain Staging for Mastering


  1. Introduction – A brief introduction to gain staging.
  2. Gain Staging Before You Hit the DAW – When recording you must pay attention to the gain staging before hitting the DAW.
  3. Examples of Gain Staging – I share examples of how gain staging affects your mix environment.
  4. Examples of Gain Staging with No Output or Emulations – Gain staging with plugins and hardware emulations.
  5. Gain Staging for Mastering – Proper gain staging before sending off to mastering is important.

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