My Podcast Isn’t Loud Enough? – Fix Podcast Volume Problems

Are you a DJ with a podcast doing mixes? Having issues getting the volume on your podcast to compete with others? You could be getting penalized and turned down by the loudness normalization on streaming platforms! But there is something you need to consider if you’re doing a DJ mix and that is the overall average volume of the mix. Want to learn more, then check this video out. I discuss some tips on getting your podcast louder and properly submitted so you do not get volume penalties.  


0:00 Start
00:50 Introduction
02:33 Loudness Penalty
03:10 Example of How Loudness Normalization Can Be Adhered To
08:38 Results From the Loudness Penalty Test


    1. Introduction- An introduction to the problem my friend was having.
    2. Loudness Penalty – A great tool that you can use.
    3. Example of How Loudness Normalization Can Be Adhered To – If you follow some basic stems and keep a few things in mind you could benefit and make your podcast louder.
    4. Results From the Loudness Penalty Test – Here I give the results of my example.

Thanks for watching this video on how to make your podcast louder. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube HERE for weekly tips and tricks. All first-time clients receive a free stereo mastered sample, inquire HERE to get your free sample.

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