How to Make an Acapella from Any Song Using A.I.

In part three on our series in creating acapella’s we show you how to make an acepella from any song using A.I. We’ve personally never used online artificial intelligence to create an acapella so we thought we would give it a shot.

Starting out by using Google and searching for the term ‘extract vocals’ we came across the Acapella Extractor. This service is free for up to two songs daily and has an instrumental version as well called Remove Vocals.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to the expensive RX7 or RX8 from Izotope and do not have the instrumental this might be the way to go to create your acapella.

0:00 Start
00:38 Finding an Online Acapella Extractor with Google
01:17 Using an Online A.I.
01:59 Checking the Quality of the Acapella


  1. Find an acepella extractor
  2. Putting an acapella extractor to the test
  3. Comparing the results from previous videos on isolating vocals

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