Using Little Alter Boy – Little Alter Boy Soundtoys

Want some unique tips to using Little Alter Boy. This plug in is a great plug in for pitch shifting and audio manipulation. I use this tool for a variety of features. It’s simple, easy to use, relatively inexpensive and a great tool for vocals and instruments.

It can help get things pitched properly to your production. Or help things sit in the mix. Want to alter a voice to change the tone, how about alter pitch and add drive and character to an instrument or synth. The possibilities are endless. In this video I go over the basics of the alter boy plug in and some unique tips and tricks I use weekly in my music productions.

I share three tips of mine that I use all the time on vocals with this unique plug in. Using formats or pitch adjustments can alter the sonic characteristics of a sound. Another tactic is to layer the alter boy, and the link button makes the pitch shifting and formant knob do some wacky stuff. It’s pretty nifty what this thing can do!


0:00 Start
00:37 Overview of Little Alter Boy
01:24 The Pitch Knob
01:51 The Formant Knob
02:18 Layering with Soundtoys Little Alter Boy


  1. An Overview of Little Alter Boy by Soundtoys
  2. The Pitch knob and how you can use it to alter pitch
  3. The formant knob and how you can use it to alter the formants
  4. Layering with the Alter Boy

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