How To Get Signed By a Booking Agency

In part two of the series on booking agents I bring back guest speaker, Troy Gilmore, Vice President of Sleeping Giant Music to talk about what agents look for and how to get signed by a booking agency.  Many artists are not ready for agents but just expect that if they sign with an agency they will have a packed tour schedule. There‚Äôs much more to it and we are here to discuss what you should be doing so agents start knocking on your door.


0:00 Start
00:38 Introduction to Troy Gilmore Vice President, Sleeping Giant Music
00:47 Submissions
01:41 Prove Yourself As An Artist
02:21 Quality Content
02:42 Build Demand
03:32 Agents Will Come To You


  1. Introduction to Troy Gilmore, Vice President of Sleeping Giant Music
  2. Submissions – What To submit and what to look out for when submitting to booking agencies
  3. Prove Yourself As An Artist  and create a lasting impression to a booking agent.
  4.  Provide quality content and build demand
  5. Building demand on your own first is key
  6. When you’re ready typically agents will knock on your door.

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