Agents vs Managers – Difference Between an Agent and a Manager

In part three of the series on booking agents we have our final chat with guest speaker Troy Gilmore, Vice President of Sleeping Giant Music to talk about the differences between agents and managers. A lot of people confuse the two or think they are one and the same when in reality each has a distinct role in the career of an artist. 

To learn more about specifically what booking agents do vs managers check this video out.


0:00 Start
00:36 Introduction to Troy Gilmore, Vice President, Sleeping Giant Music
00:42 Agent vs Manager
00:47 Booking Agents
01:15 Managers
02:00 Confusion on Agents and Managers
02:16 What We Do At Sleeping Giant Music
02:33 Managers Recap
0:311 Sleeping Giant Music Info


  1. Introduction to Troy Gilmore, Vice President of Sleeping Giant Music
  2. Agents vs Managers, an in depth overview
  3. Details about booking agents
  4.  Details about managers
  5. Confusion between the two – agents and managers can often be confused as one person when in reality they are typically not.
  6. Sleeping Giant Music Overview

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