Fabfilter Pro Q3 Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know About

One of my favorite EQs is the Fabfilter Pro Q3 and this thing can much more than a lot of people might realize. Today we go under the hood and I share some tips and tricks you might now know about this EQ. I do give a small overview but the focus is to really dive into things that aren’t in front of your face! 


0:00 Start
00:39 Overview of FabFilter Pro Q3
3:00 Tricks with the Pro Q3 That You Might Not Have Known


  1. Overview of FabFilter Pro Q3 – Brief overview of the EQ and some major features.
  2. Tricks with the Pro Q3 That You Might Not Have Known – Here is get into the hidden features and tips and tricks of this EQ. I’m not going to give them away here, watch the video to find out!

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