What is Dither? 3 Rules to Follow if You’re a Music Producer

This week I get into the topic of audio dithering. Do you know what dithering is? Are you incorrectly using because you don’t even know it’s on. Do you even know that it’s happening if you do a certain thing? Do you know when you need to use it? All these questions answered! If you’re a music producer learn three rules to follow when it comes to dithering in music production.


0:00 Start
00:36 Introduction
01:12 What Is Dithering?
01:31 When Should You Dither?
01:52 Why Dither?
02:21 If You Need To Dither?
03:02 Other times Dither Can Be Used
03:22 Rules About Dither


  1. Introduction – An introduction to audio dithering in music.
  2. What Is Dithering? – What is it? What is it doing?
  3. When Should You Dither? – Do you know when you should be using dither?
  4. Why Dither? – Learn why you need to use this tool.
  5. If You Need To Dither? – Yes you should be at only one stage. Learn when!
  6. Other times Dither Can Be Used – Dithering can be used for a few different applications including video and more.
  7. Rules About Dither – If you’re a music producer here are 3 rules you should follow about dithering..

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