What Is Bit Depth and Sample Rate

In this video Freddie from Distinct Mastering explains what bit depths and sample rates are and why they matter in your recordings. Understanding sample rate and bit depth is a crucial step in the music production process. Some of our clients do not know the differences or sometimes send us files that vary in sample rates, causing problems with importing the files into another session.

You don’t want to get caught in this mess so make sure you check this video out if you need an understanding on the subject. This is part one of a two part series and we hope you enjoy learning about bit depths and sample rates.

0:00​ Start
00:42​ Analog Waveforms
01:08​ Sample Rate
01:31​ Frequency Spectrum
01:44​ Nyquest Theory
02:00​ Anti-Aliasing
02:36​ Bit Depth
02:51​ Bit Depth Examples
03:01​ Dynamic Range
03:27​ Standard Bit Depth and Sample Rates
04:22​ Sample Rate Issues
04:54​ Bit Depth and Sample Rate File Size
05:03​ Start with High Bit Depth and Sample Rate, Downgrade Later
05:35​ Outro


  1. Sound – A brief discussion about sound and waveforms.
  2. Sampling – The act of capturing sound over time. Details about sampling and sample rates.
  3. Frequency Spectrum – A brief discussion about frequencies and what the human ear can hear.
  4. Nyquest Theory – Learn about the nyquest theory in relation to sampling.
  5. Anti-Aliasing – How an anti-aliasing filter is used in sampling.
  6. Bit Depth – Explanation about bit depth and how it relates to sampling.
  7. Dynamic Range – Discuss how bit depth and dynamic range relate to each other.
  8. Standard Bit Depths and Sample Rates – We go over the standards in bit depths and sample rates.
  9. Sample Rate Issues – Explanation of how mis-matching sample rates in one session can cause problems.
  10. File Sizes – Brief discussion about the relation of file size to sampling.
  11. Sample Rate and Bit Depth – Proper steps to manage your sample rates and bit depths, as well as a note about dithering.

Thanks for watching this video and hopefully it helps you understand music dynamics a bit more. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube HERE for weekly tips and tricks. All first-time clients receive a free stereo-mastered sample, inquire to get your free sample now.



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