UAD SPL Transient Designer – Transient Designer Tips

In this video Freddie from Distinct Mastering goes over different ways to use the Universal Audio SPL Transient Designer. These tips can be applied with any transient designer. Transient designers can give you some control over audio files if you do not have an ADSR or envelope. Transient designers can be used to glue things together in your mix or just help the groove.

0:00 Start
00:38 UAD SPL Transient Designer
01:13 Transient Designer on Snares
02:22 Transient Designer on Hi Hats
03:03 Transient Designer on Top Loops
03:51 Transient Designer on Shakers


  1. UAD SPL Transient Designer – An overview of the UAD SPL Transient Designer.
  2. Transient Designer on Snares – Unique ways to shape a snare with a transient designer.
  3. Transient Designer on Hi Hats – Unique ways to shape a hi hats with a transient designer.
  4. Transient Designer on Top Loops – How you can drastically affect loops with a transient designer.
  5. Transient Designer on Shakers – How you can use a transient designer to create groove with your shakers.

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