Master Ableton with These Advance Shortcuts

Welcome back to the third installment of our Ableton Key Commands series! In Part 1 and Part 2, we covered essential shortcuts to enhance your music production workflow. Now, we’re taking things up a notch with Part 3, where we delve into advanced key commands that will truly skyrocket your efficiency in Ableton Live.

If you missed our previous posts, don’t worry – you can catch up on “Master Ableton With These Shortcuts | Part 1” and “10 Ableton Key Commands To Speed Up Workflow | Part 2” to build a comprehensive arsenal of shortcuts.


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Unlocking Advanced Possibilities:

  1. Insert Silence – Ctrl + I: Need a moment of silence in your arrangement? Press Ctrl + I to insert silence at the selected area, allowing you to craft transitions and breaks effortlessly.
  2. Quantize – Ctrl + U: Perfect your MIDI recordings with Ctrl + U. This key command quantizes your MIDI notes, aligning them with the grid for impeccable timing.
  3. Reverse Audio Clip – R: Transform your sounds by reversing audio clips with a simple press of ‘R.’ This creative command opens up a world of sonic experimentation.
  4. MIDI Map – Ctrl + M: Want to control a parameter using an external MIDI controller? Ctrl + M opens the door to MIDI mapping, enabling you to assign parameters with ease.
  5. Show / Hide Browser – Cmd + Alt + B: Maximize your screen space instantly by toggling the browser visibility with Cmd + Alt + B, streamlining your focus on the creative process.
  6. Continue to Play from Stop Point – Up + Shift + Spacebar: Seamlessly pick up where you left off by pressing Up + Shift + Spacebar to continue playback from the stop point.
  7. Fine Tune Parameters – Shift + Drag: Achieve precision in sound shaping by holding Shift and dragging knobs or sliders to make subtle adjustments to parameters.
  8. Loop Lengths – Cmd + Up/Down Arrow: Adjust loop lengths efficiently with Cmd + Up/Down Arrow, ensuring seamless repetitions within your arrangement.
  9. Delete Automation Only – Cmd + Alt + Delete: Clear automation data without affecting your underlying audio or MIDI clips using Cmd + Alt + Delete, refining your mix with precision.
  10. Export Audio / Video – Ctrl + Shift + R: Ready to share your masterpiece? Ctrl + Shift + R initiates the export process for both audio and video files, allowing you to showcase your work.
  11. Export MIDI Clip – Ctrl + Shift + E: Capture your MIDI creativity by exporting MIDI clips with Ctrl + Shift + E, enabling you to collaborate with other producers or work across different platforms.

Tips for Mastery:

  • Incorporate these advanced key commands into your regular workflow to harness their full potential.
  • Experiment and explore how each command fits within your unique music production process.
  • Customize key commands according to your preferences to create a personalized workflow.


With this third installment of our Ableton Key Commands series, you’ve unlocked a new realm of possibilities within Ableton Live. By integrating these advanced shortcuts into your creative toolkit, you’ll not only save time but also dive deeper into your music production process.

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  • How have these advanced key commands transformed your music production workflow in Ableton Live?
  • Which of these advanced key commands resonates with your creative process the most?
  • Are there any other advanced key commands you frequently use and believe would benefit the Ableton community?

Thank you for joining us in Part 3 of our Ableton Key Commands series. If you’re new to Ableton, make sure to explore our Ableton Beginners Guide for a comprehensive introduction. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube for weekly tips and tricks. All first-time clients receive a free stereo-mastered sample, inquire to get your free sample now.

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