How To Finish More Music Faster

Today we discuss how to finish more music! This is often a problem for artists that get stuck in the motion of making loops and general ideas but never actually finish complete songs or have a hard time getting there.  Some of these tips will help speed up your workflow, make things efficient and get you to the finish line faster so you do not have to waste time trying to do repetitive tasks and it will hopefully speed up your production process.

If you’re a new producer or an experienced producer looking for more workflow tips then be sure to check this video out!

0:00 Start
00:37 Practice Making Music
00:51 Develop A System
01:12 Organize Your Workflow
01:43 Templates
02:14 Organize Your Sounds
02:47 Favorite Your Presets
03:21 Mix As You Go


  1. Practice Making Music – To get really good at making music you need to practice. As with anything practice makes perfect.
  2. Develop A System – Developing a system will help you make sure you follow a procedure and workflow.
  3. Organize Your Workflow – As you develop your systems and your sessions get bigger it’s very helpful to organize the session and workflow.
  4. Templates – Templates help you not waste time!
  5. Organize Your Sounds – Having sounds properly organized allows for fast referencing of sounds you love.
  6. Favorite Your Presets – Having a nice pallet of custom sounds or presets you love is key to developing your own style.
  7. Mix As You Go – Mixing as you go will help you get to the finish line faster!

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