From Amateur to Pro: Shifting Your Creative Mindset in Music to Be More Creative

In an industry as dynamic and competitive as the music game, learning how to be more creative is important. The distinction between amateurs and professionals is not just a matter of talent—it’s largely about mindset and discipline. The latest video from Storytellers, titled “How to be Creative and How an Artist Turns Pro,” dives deep into this pivotal transformation. It’s a compelling guide for those ready to shed their excuses and embrace a professional approach to their music career. Let’s explore the key insights and how they can catalyze your transition from amateur to pro.

Understanding the Amateurs vs. Professionals Dichotomy

The video opens with a frank discussion about the fundamental differences between amateurs and professionals, particularly highlighting the pervasive issue of writer’s block. The stark reality is that professionals don’t have the luxury of waiting for inspiration to strike; they understand that creativity is a muscle that requires constant exercise. The professional sits down and works, regardless of their emotional state or external conditions, a discipline that amateurs often lack.

Identifying and Overcoming Bad Habits

A significant portion of the video is dedicated to recognizing and rectifying bad habits that hinder creative output. For many, these habits stem from a misplaced belief that external factors must align perfectly to produce art. This section is a call to action for self-reflection and the adoption of routines that foster productivity and creativity, even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Debunking the Myths and Lies

Perhaps the most enlightening segment of the video addresses the six myths and lies that hold many aspiring musicians back. These include misconceptions about the need for a certain level of success before one can consider themselves a professional, the romanticization of the “struggling artist,” and the idea that talent alone is sufficient. The truth is, becoming a professional in the music industry requires resilience, continuous learning, and the ability to navigate the business aspects of the career effectively.

Turning Pro: Practical Steps Forward

The core message of Storytellers’ video is clear: turning pro is a deliberate choice. It’s about adopting a work ethic that prioritizes consistency, education, and adaptability. For musicians, this means dedicating time daily to practice, songwriting, and learning about the industry. It also means being proactive about networking, seeking feedback, and continuously pushing the boundaries of your creative comfort zone.

Embracing the Professional Mindset

In summary, the transition from amateur to professional in the music industry is less about a breakthrough moment and more about the cumulative effect of daily habits, mindset shifts, and relentless pursuit of improvement. Storytellers’ video serves as a powerful reminder that excuses and waiting for the perfect moment are the enemies of progress. The path to becoming a professional artist is paved with discipline, perseverance, and a commitment to turning up and doing the work, day after day.

As you navigate your journey in the music game, remember that professionalism is as much about how you approach your craft as it is about the quality of your output. Let go of the excuses, embrace the work, and watch as your career transforms from amateur pursuits to professional achievements.

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