Do you know what reverb the Soundtoys Little Plate Emulates?

Today, we delve into the exquisite realm of the Soundtoys Little Plate—a nuanced reverb plugin that transcends the ordinary, and based on a classic hardware reverb.

The Little Plate by Soundtoys is a compact reverb plugin that looks simple but packs a big punch. The unit is based off an old plate reverb that I discuss in the video.

Little Plate Overview: Navigating through the Little Plate interface, we explore its controls and functionalities. This is not about bells and whistles but about practicality and creative potential. In the video I also go over the SoundToys Lock Trick, if you don’t know what this is you might want to learn!

Exemplifying Little Plate on Drums: In practical terms, I share how the Little Plate transforms drum elements. Forget jargon—see how it elevates the percussive elements with a touch of spatial magic.

Showcasing Little Plate on Vocals: Turning our attention to vocals, we demonstrate the Little Plate’s impact. No embellishments—just a clear showcase of how this reverb tool enhances vocal recordings.

Little Plate’s Impact on Bass: For the low frequencies, discover how the Little Plate shapes the bass foundation. No frills, just an exploration of how it integrates seamlessly with rhythmic elements.

In essence, the Soundtoys Little Plate is a tool designed for those who appreciate simplicity and results. It’s a great plugin for the price and I can guarantee you will get great results using it. It can be very big and dirty but you can carve space with EQ.

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