Free Sample – Thank You

Thank you for submitting your files for a free sample. I can’t wait to work on your project. Feel free to pre-schedule some time to chat with me below.

Please upload your project files to us and we will get started right away. We love to make your music sound distinct!

  • All files must be in at least 44.1 kHz format, and at least 24 bit.
  • All files must be either WAV or AIFF file format. No MP3s.
  • All reference mixes must be “high quality” MP3s.
  • All files must have at least -6db of headroom.
  • Please remove all limiters or compressors from your master buss. (excluding reference masters)
  • Have all individual tracks edited with clean fades, as we aren’t responsible for any cuts or pops within the master when the problem exists in the individual track.
  • Leave some room at the beginning & end of the song to give us some room to work with fades.
  • Do not send session files, only WAV files.